Voting No on Question 2

I recently sent this email to friends and family in Nevada reminding them of what’s at stake with Question 2 on our ballot. Will you help share this information and encourage Nevadans to Vote NO on Question 2? 

From: Mark Hutchison

I’ll get right to the point.

Question 2 on the Nevada ballot legalizes recreational marijuana and bottom-line, it’s not safe.

The effects that recreational marijuana would have on Nevada’s public safety and well-being are disturbing. Children are ingesting edibles, disguised in colorful packaging, at an alarming rate and first responders are finding a drastic increase in fatal accidents relating to marijuana use.

Since Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana:

  • ER visits of children 9 and younger have doubled
  • Traffic accidents deaths related to marijuana increased 62%
  • Accidental ingestion by youth has increased more than 600%
  • Colorado is now ranked as the leading state in combined opioid, marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine use
  • Calls to poison control are up 5 times since pot was legalized, despite efforts to create childproof packaging laws (after the damage had already been done)

Other states have tried the recreational marijuana experiment and failed.

Nevada voters must decide if they want to go down this path, or cast a “No” ballot on Question 2 and protect our children and keep Nevadans safe.

Join me and Pledge to Vote NO on Question 2.

The safety of Nevadans and especially of our children will always be my number one focus.

Are you with me?

Mark Hutchison

P.S. As you know, medicinal marijuana is already legal in Nevada. When you forward this along, remind friends and family that this vote is specifically against recreational marijuana and the dangerous edibles that come along with it.

P.S. Pledge to Vote NO on Question 2 and then forward this to friends and family and to spread the word.