About Mark

Faith. Family. Freedom.

About_FamilyMark Hutchison was born in Las Vegas and raised in a modest, blue-collar, hard-working family. Hutchison’s values are anchored in a strong work ethic – he started his first job as an 11-year-old newspaper delivery boy. The summer following his 12th birthday, he began working at Ahern Rentals. He continued working for Ahern until graduating from Bonanza High School in 1981, where he earned a four-year varsity letter as a member of the wrestling team and another varsity letter playing football. He then served a two-year mission for his church. He worked his way through college (still at Ahern), attending University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Despite a grueling schedule, Mark graduated in 1987 Phi Kappa Phi with a degree in business. He then studied law at Brigham Young University and graduated in 1990 magna cum laude.


Following law school, Mark clerked for a judge on the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Indiana. He then worked for a national law firm until returning to Las Vegas where he started his own law firm in 1996 with his good friend, John Steffen. Today, after years of hard work and sacrifice, Hutchison & Steffen is a major law firm in Nevada with nearly 100 employees. Mark knows what it means to make payroll and pay taxes. His law firm represents clients across the spectrum of the Nevada economy. Mark’s work for these clients has made him keenly aware of how decisions in Carson City impact Nevada employers and residents.

Mark has a history of dedicating his time and talents to the community. In 2010, Mark was appointed by the Governor to represent the State of Nevada – free of charge to taxpayers – in the federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare, which forced Nevadans to buy a Washington-regulated insurance policy. Prior to that, he was a prominent advocate for the State of Nevada while serving for six years as a member and then Chairman of the Nevada Commission on Ethics. Mark has served as a leader in Boy Scouts of America for two decades and has accepted numerous assignments in his church from teaching youth classes to leading congregations. Hutchison & Steffen provides legal services without charge to low-income families and battered women. The firm sponsors 4th of July parades, awards annual scholarships to high-school students, participates in annual blood drives, donates to charitable organizations, and sponsors scholastic, cultural, and athletic programs and events.

About_Veterans In 2012, Mark was elected as a State Senator in District 6, which has a significant Democrat voter-registration advantage, and — before his election — had been a Democrat seat in the senate. Mark served during the 2012 legislative session as a member of Commerce, Labor, and Energy Committee and as a member of the Judiciary Committee. Mark was widely recognized as an effective legislator and practical problem solver. As a senator, Mark opposed legislation imposing gun control and changing the definition of marriage. He joined with Governor Sandoval in fighting tax legislation proposed by the Democrats, which would have levied a corporate income tax as well as a live entertainment tax on numerous family activities.


During the interim of the legislature, Mark serves as a member of the Economic Development Committee within the Southern Nevada Legislative Caucus and as a member of the Committee on Senior Citizens, Veterans, and Adults with Special Needs. He believes that the Teachers’ Union Tax Initiative, known as the Margins Tax, which will be on the ballot in 2014, is a major threat to Nevada’s economy and job creation. He has and will continue to speak out and work hard against passage of this disastrous tax initiative.

Mark and his wife, Cary, have been married for 29 years. They have been blessed with six children and four grandchildren. Mark believes strong families are the backbone of society and knows that time is the most important thing parents can spend on their children. Throughout the years Mark coached his children’s sports teams, from t-ball to soccer to football at Palo Verde High School, and served as their scout leader. He enjoys few things more than supporting his children as they participate in sports, music, dance, swimming, art, and other activities. Mark and his family are actively involved with their church.